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Introducing Jouni Lehtinen

By 19.8.2022No Comments

Name: Jouni Lehtinen

What is your task at StrongFlow? :
I joined StrongFlow in operational level 2017 and from the beginning my job description has been very broad. When you’re not an true expert in any field you can do almost anything – luckily they don’t allow me to do electrical wiring 🙂 Nowadays, I’m mainly occupied with project management issues, administrative work as well as sales and marketing tasks.

How long have you been in this profession? How long have you worked for StrongFlow? :
As revealed already, I started daily work at StrongFlow in 2017. Before this, I worked around 10 years in different R&D tasks. Previously I have also done pure mechanical design work.

What are your strenghts? :
I think my biggest strength is the versatility as I have rather broad experience from different companies and tasks – in small and big organizations. As part of the community, you would need to ask my colleagues. However, I would assume I’m quite approachable and appropriate young man 🙂

What is best in your work? :
The best thing in my job is the diversity. In addition, I like that it’s possible to see the results of your actions and decisions immediately. In small company its difficult to blame anyone else if something isn’t going as expected. If something doesn’t work, you can only go and ask from the mirror why something hasn’t been done.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do on your free time? :
My spare time usually goes efficiently with my 3 and 7 year old kids and running the daily routines. As getting older I have found myself enjoying more and more spending time at summer cottage and building stuff etc. Running and playing guitar (not at same time), I have been doing since childhood.

What was your childhood dream job? :
Only childhood dream job I remember was being a police officer. This was around at age of 10-12 years.

Fun fact :
My long-term dream is to see a tv-drama series about exciting daily events at an engineering office. Who wants to see those hospital, police, and legal drama anymore? No one. Instead of those tired,” intubate the patient!” lines, audience would definitely like to see how engineers are doing e.g., nervous braking strength analysis task. All interested producers can contact me directly 🙂