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Membrane Degasification

In the membrane degasification process, gases (typically carbon dioxide or oxygen) are removed from the water using separation membrane and negative pressure air flush (for carbon dioxide removal) or vacuum conditions (for oxygen removal). Membrane degasification technology is used, for example, for treatment of water between the reverse osmosis and EDI stages or removal of oxygen from water in energy production/district heating applications.

Equipment and system principle

A membrane degasification system consists of a degasification module, blower, air piping and regulators for air flow.

Required information for system design

To complete a membrane degasification system design, an analysis of gas concentration in the raw water is needed together with information about the required water flow/capacity of the system and the required water quality after treatment or information about the use of the water produced. If the equipment is being installed in an existing space, information about the available drainage and room dimensions is also good to know.