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Control Systems for Passenger Boarding Bridges and Vehicle Ramps

Efficient, reliable and safe passenger and cargo traffic in ports requires the use of special equipment like passenger boarding bridges and different kinds of ramps and slips at the ship/ferry-port-interface. The purpose of this equipment is to enable efficient cargo loading/unloading and passenger traffic, as well as ensuring these operations work safely when water levels and vessel draughts change.

Reliability and safety in all conditions is the primary target when designing electrical and control systems for port equipment. Good usability is ensured by considering the operation from both the port and vessel sides (location of fixed control stations, clear user interfaces and radio controls). From the operational safety point of view, the most critical equipment functionalities are automatic movements to compensate for changes in vessel draught/movements and water levels (e.g. so-called floating functionalities and related emergency operations).

Equipment maintenance and solving operational problems can be mitigated using remote monitoring systems (remote access with a fixed or mobile connection to the equipment control system). This enables, for example, remote diagnostics and quick corrective actions which improve equipment reliability and safety.