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UV Disinfection

In UV disinfection, short-wavelength ultraviolet light is used to eliminate microorganisms from water. UV disinfection is typically used, for example, in pool water treatment (chloramine reduction and disinfection) and the treatment of process water while in storage or circulating in process.

Equipment and system principle

A UV disinfection system consists of a chamber or tank with one or several UV lamps inside according to the capacity. Additionally, UV ballast (power supply and control unit) is needed. The UV system’s intensity can be optimised by measuring and adjusting the dose during the lamp’s lifetime (the UV dose is kept constant although the lamp’s power decreases over time).

Required information for system design

To complete a water treatment system design, a raw water analysis is needed together with information about the required water flow/capacity of the system and the required water quality after treatment or information about the use of the water produced.