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Radio Controls

With a radio system, it is possible to control equipment and processes wirelessly. Radio control is required, for example, when it is the only way to transmit crucial signals from one place to another (e.g. in the control of port equipment from a ship or ferry). On the other hand, radio control enables better usability with much equipment as it allows the user to move freely during operation. This improves safety and comfort. When a radio system is applied in machine and equipment control, system redundancy is usually improved with a fixed or pendant control station as a back-up.

Equipment and system principle

A radio control system consists of one or more receivers, transmitters, possible separate antennas and separate automation control when required. StrongFlow uses mainly Hetronic and Åkerström products in machine control applications. In fixed radio links, we are using for example Satel products.

Required information for system design

The specification of a radio control system is based on the requirements of the process/equipment being controlled and locally required radio frequency permissions. Operating with frequencies subject to licence is typically the more expensive and reliable solution, whereas licence-free systems are cheaper but have a higher risk of disturbance.