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Introducing Anton Viljanen

By 24.5.2022May 25th, 2022No Comments

Name: Anton Viljanen

What is your task at StrongFlow? :
My main task is automation and electrical system design and assembly. In addition, I’m participating on equipment commissioning and maintenance activities.

How long have you been in this professsion? How long have you worked for StrongFlow? :
I did my automation technology training at StrongFlow during summer 2021. Then in early 2022 I continued with my thesis and now continue to work here on permanent basis. So in short, I’m just in the beginning of my career.

What are your strenghts?
I’m really motivated to work with automation technology systems and eager to learn new skills required in this work. I also want to use the latest technology and learnings and use them in customer projects.

What is best in your work? :
Best is this work is the possibility to be creative and be part of this amazing team!

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do on you free time? :
During my free time I’m spending time with my friends and working with my personal projects.

What was your childhood dream job? :
I didn’t have any particular dream job but currently its automation system design and programming.

Fun fact :
My latest thrill is building my own electric bicycle.