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Water Treatment for Industry and Agriculture

Process and irrigation water applications

StrongFlow has extensive experience in industrial water treatment. Our reference list contains various systems for power & heat, manufacturing and agriculture segments. These installations have included systems from raw water filtration and/or flocculation to further treatment with softeners, reverse osmosis and electrodeionisation equipment. Based on our in-house automation […]

Onboard water treatment for cruise and marine

Pool and process water applications

Water treatment on cruise vessels requires special attention to system integration design as these projects are typically very challenging due to limited space, special requirements and tight building schedules. StrongFlow has extensive experience in on-board pool water treatment from system design to installations and maintenance as well as modernization […]

Municipal Water Treatment Processes

Drinking water applications

We have experience in municipal water treatment and especially on drinking water applications such as desalination. Whatever is your need, consultation, investment for water treatment equipment or modernization of existing applications, please contact our sales or experts.

Process control

Process automation control

StrongFlow has done control systems for processes within energy, waste treatment and food industries.

Please contact our sales and experts for more details regarding our expertise and offering.

Electric and automation systems onboard vessels

Electric and automation systems for cruise and merchant vessels

Providing electrics and automation systems for ships and maritime field has always been one of our main segments. We have been involved in new building and modernization projects from passenger vessels window washers to flood control doors, cargo elevators, RoRo ramps and various other […]

Solutions for Ports and Terminals

Control systems for linkspans and passenger boarding bridges


StrongFlow has been involved in dozens of linkspan and passenger boarding bridge projects. Our typical scope of delivery consists of consulting, control and automation system design, installations and maintenance.

Based on our long experience we’re able to ensure […]