Water treatment for industrial applications


We provide all major clean water treatment technologies to industrial applications globally. Please contact our sales for details of references and questions regarding your needs.


Water softening systems

Industrial water softening systems are typically needed within energy production, laundries and steam production. Water softening is based on ion-exchange where magnesium and calcium ions are exchanged to sodium ions. Water softeners are widely available with affordable prices, but the simplest systems are typically difficult to integrate with any process level control system and lack any monitoring features. StrongFlow provides industrial water softeners with continuous monitoring functionality (increased quality, reliability and recovery) and control system that can be integrated to other relevant systems.


Reverse osmosis (RO) water systems

RO water systems have typically pre-treatment stage (e.g. media filtration + softening based on raw water quality) and one stage RO treatment. With this kind of system, it’s possible to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) up to 99.5 %.

Typical use cases are industrial production processes were low conductivity water is needed (steam plants, irrigation water production, rinse water before surface coating etc.).


DI (de-ionized) water systems

DI water systems consists typically pre-treatment stage (e.g. media filtration + softening based on raw water quality), reverse osmosis and then set of additional treatment methods to reach desired level of conductivity. In some cases, second pass RO will be enough. When ultra-pure water is needed (conductivity below 0.1 μS/cm) degasification and electrodeionization (EDI) are used. In addition, mixed bed filter can be used for final polishing and back-up.

Example use cases are e.g. turbine power plants and semi-conductor industry.


Desalination systems

Desalination systems have usually pre-treatment stage that depends on the raw water quality and can be e.g. sand filtration. Actual desalination is made with reverse osmosis. In potable / drinking water production the remineralization, pH and alkalinity adjustment are also needed.

Typical use cases are e.g. potable or irrigation water production from sea water or brackish well water treatment.


Ultrafiltration systems

Ultrafiltration is an implementation of membrane filtration technology where hollow fibre modules are used to remove e.g. turbidity and microorganisms from raw water. Ultrafiltration can be used e.g. as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis or in production of potable / drinking water.

Our reference list contains various systems for power & heat, manufacturing and agriculture segments. These installations have included systems from raw water filtration and/or coagulation to further treatment with softeners, reverse osmosis and electrodeionization equipment. Based on our in-house automation expertise we can ensure that all required treatment stages will work together without problems and systems are operated in most efficient way.